Still no idea what tablet to buy. In other words, if you only use part of the screen so the cursor only moved around in, say a quarter of the screen, and you use the mouse to initially position the drawing in that place to work on it there, can you increase the effective resolution of the tablet? Both models would have sufficient, but not great, resolution for your current display, but the newer model would feel more precise. All models you listed would work well on your display. I don’t draw long lines, but I don’t want to upgrade after a while from S or pen-touch. Take a look here for setup tips.

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A Bamboo Create can handle intuos ptk-640 x px resolution screen just fine. Wacom has a page dedicated to GIS professionals and also a YouTube video showing some examples of their products in use.

It seems everything has to be renamed, adjusted intuos ptk-640 whatever to justify increased pricing!! That was something pptk-640 worried me as Intuos ptk-640 would have to go for the Intuos4 if it is really much more accurate from pen nib to cursor intuos ptk-640 to the Bamboo.

The cursor accuracy depends intuos ptk-640 on the tablet resolution, but, unless you have a huge display, the Bamboo would work just fine. Your MacBook has a high resolution display, retina in Apple’s jargon, but those extra pixels are not used directly in a one to one grid, but instead scaled two times to allow for a higher level of detail while interface elements keep their relative size. For your display size and resolution, you’re the perfect candidate, on paper, for a medium Intuos Pro.

2/2 パソコンでペイントしよう 無料・有料ペイントソフト [CG・画像加工] All About

Autodesk Sketchbook was my first piece of drawing software – I tried it out when I was 14 and, at 17 and seriously considering a career in the creative field, have not switched.

I’ve moved from a Graphire 2 to an Intuos 4, having used a Bamboo Create sporadically during this time. The Create is the only Bamboo model that has intuos ptk-640 eraser on the back of the pen. I have had a tablet with another brand before but it sucked, therefor I am going Wacom. A full size keyboard may be too large intuos ptk-640 be used on the side of a tablet larger than an Intuos Pro Medium, leaving the tablet too far from intuos ptk-640 central seating position.

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One more thing will wacom tablet also works for pt,-640 softwares like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign etc. Does tilt allow intuos ptk-640 to make strokes that would not be possible without intuos ptk-640 feature or does it just make them feel more natural? I would use it for drawing illustrations. I haven’t forgotten you! I had the power issue intuos ptk-640 the replacement failed after 2 months. I’m still intuos ptk-640 for the tablet that Pfk-640 ordered on Amazon through Electrobrands and Fedex just lost the package Wacom seems to have taken a less than helpful, ethical even approach of just putting the name of the software e.

However, I found links I’d like to share here, since your blog was one inruos the first hits on my search.

Would the bigger size of the Create help make it more steady on my lap? Go intuos ptk-640 the intuos ptk-640 model if you need portability, like to draw with short brush strokes or will use the tablet only for photo retouching.

Just for the record: Thanks and apologies for the delay.

I love trackpads, way better on the cramped hand, and was about to be intuos ptk-640 the game point to the Bamboo CREATE — until I remembered it came with a mouse. Avoid the smaller Bamboo models. Think of it this way: On the other hand, if your final products are vector illustrations, the Bamboo Create would work just fine.

The Intuos ptk-640 Cintiq line combines a pressure sensitive tablet with a slim LCD display, for an even more natural interface. On the real world, this means you can have much better cursor precision with the larger active area.

And intuos ptk-640 can always limit the work area intuos ptk-640 lntuos to mimic a smaller tablet, if you want. I note the 27″ is just outside your yellow bars on the recommendation graphic and Untuos wanted to get your thoughts.

It’d be a good choice if you like to draw freehand, with larger brush strokes, on software simulating natural media.


The working area is 5. I’m sure you’ll love your new tablet. I have found your review and the subsequent thread very helpful. It probably intuos ptk-640 why I haven’t noticed the difference in going to a larger effective screen–I’m probably just zooming in more to compensate. Software included Choice of 1, 2 or 3 creative intuos ptk-640 included, depending on model.

Additional pptk-640 with software vendors might be required. You can always zoom in and work on smaller areas of your artwork at a time to have better accuracy. I’ve been researching tablets all day.

The last time I’ve touched a mouse intuos ptk-640 more than 10 years ago and I don’t miss it intuos ptk-640 all.