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Thank you very much for the solution. I downloaded the driver as you suggested from the MCT website , for my F5U, and it now works fine with my new Windows 7 laptop. A research job well done! Arjen in Perth said, great hero thank you so much. Belkin, shame on you!!!

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MBorge said, You are an Uber Tech my friend! Please Contact Rene Rozycki at ext. Having a laptop capible of 64 bit I decided to upgrade to Window 7 64 bit.

Are you aware of prolific u232 p9 First I had to deal with Windows7 not having hyperterm installed, once I figured how to add hyperterm I ran into prolific u232 p9 Belkin dongle not being supported until you saved me.

I was about to buy another adapter when luckily I came across your solution. After about six months of frustration with windows 7 and my pfolific garmin gps and software that worked perfectly prolific u232 p9 XPI am back in business.

USB转串口驱动 64位 Win7可用

Rpolific ist sehr gut mine freund! Thanks spending the time finding the drivers. Thanks for this tip! So after a bit of poking arounnd, I got updated drivers from here: Ariel said, Prolific u232 p9 you very much — your post is invaluable!

USB转串口驱动 64位Win7可用

My Belkin adapter is crucial to a lot of radio prolifjc that I do. Your research and the MCT solution worked beautifully. Rowly Walker said, Nice one — Prolific u232 p9 solution for me — Worked exactly as described.

Search Our Adapter Prolific u232 p9. Belkin, shame on proliic This Belkin adapter has frustrated me many times, but this is a nice quick solution! But as I have found, they run a model like cell phones, just produce a newer u223 and let the old lay to rest. Prolific u232 p9 said, Thank you ever so much; you saved so much frustration. Thank you so much for your work and your willingness to share what you found out.

Looks like the driver needs to be different or edited to exactly match the hardware. Have to see if it still works. Mike said, Thank you so much for figuring this out.

unitek usb转串口驱动下载|优越者Y USB转RS(DB9)串口驱动下载_ 绿色资源网

Very useful blog, after reading I found this web prooific to download windows 8 driver. You are the man … Needed this device for a job a start tomorrow. OK got one for ya Delorme LT GPS puck we storm spotters use the he77 out of these when tracking and delorme doesnt have a serial emulator for the usb for windows 7 anything and most prolific u232 p9 us are prolific u232 p9 64bit.

Works excellent on Win 7 64 bit and even shows up as a Belkin device in device manager! Thanks for the pointer to the Win8 64 bit driver.

With all of our units running bit, this driver is truly a wonderful find. Your instructions worked beautifully.

I was in the same place. It works for the two F5U adapters I have as well. I downloaded it prolific u232 p9 run the F5U on my Windows 8 machine.

Lu Donato said, Genius!!!