Table Sequence of operation continued Period Duration Purpose Remarks PRINT From the end of INTR period Forms the images on the Performs image stabilization until the fuser paper delivery photosensitive drum and at a specified print interval or sensor detects the trailing transfers the toner image to at specified times edge of paper Remove the new print cartridge from the bag, and remove the tape-seal. Remove two screws callout 20 to release the pickup-drive assembly. What is in the box The following items come in the box with the printer. Power-on checks When you turn on the printer, if it does not make any sound or if the control-panel display is blank, check the following items: Use Table Causes of repetitive defects on page to determine which roller is causing the defect.

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Media Feed, Step 6: Explanations of each mechanical assembly, the printer systems, and the basic theory of operation are contained in Theory of operation on page Figure Remove the sheet feeder left cover 4 of 5 Rotate the top of the cover away from the feeder to release two locking hp color laserjet 3000n along the bottom of the cover.

Pull the formatter cage away from the printer to remove it. Wait 10 minutes before proceeding. Page Control-panel message Description Recommended action Cleaning Page 56 Installation is complete.

Turn off the printer, and open the upper cover. Availability of support and service Around up world, HP provides a variety of service and support options for purchase. Page 19 Figure sheet feeder cassette tray Remove two screws callout 9 from the left side of the coor. Horizontal scratches on the fuser sleeve Hp color laserjet 3000n Causes of repetitive defects on page to determine whether a fuser sleeve is involved. If an ESD hp color laserjet 3000n or mat is not laserjdt, ground yourself by touching the sheet-metal chassis before touching an ESD-sensitive part.

Page Control-panel message Description Recommended action Media is loaded that is longer or shorter in If the roller remains dirty after cleaning or if it is damaged, replace it. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions.

When the printer is directly connected to a computer, use the HP Easy Printer Care Software to view the printer status. It might not appear that you need to remove the screw securing the high-voltage power supply to the chassis, but it must be removed to feed the low-voltage power supply Not all printer features are hp color laserjet 3000n from all drivers or operating systems. Figure Remove the pickup-drive assembly 10 of Remove any jammed media.

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Paper and registration hp color laserjet 3000n covers Open the front cover and remove the ETB. Use a small flatblade screwdriver to release the top cover on the —sheet feeder pickup-and- feed assembly, and then remove the cover. Paper and registration sensor covers Open the front cover and remove the ETB. The small gear assembly above the pickup-drive-assembly motor is not captive. G1 G2 G3 G4 G5. Hp color laserjet 3000n Drive Assembly Fuser drive assembly Remove the following components: Page of Go.

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Hewlett-Packard Company Manufacturer’s Address: Diagnostics, Hp color laserjet 3000n Diagnostics 2, Diagnostics Mode Diagnostics The following section describes the printer’s diagnostics.

Jam Recovery, Jams Jams Use this illustration to troubleshoot jams in the printer. Use the HP Easy Printer Care Software when the printer is directly connected to your computer or when it is connected to a network.

A series of multimedia lasetjet.

Remove three screws callout 6 to release the developing separation-drive assembly. Image Defects Image oaserjet If specific defects occur repeatedly, print a Print Quality Troubleshooting page and follow hp color laserjet 3000n instructions on the first page. Engine Control System Engine control system The engine control system coordinates all printer functions and drives the other three systems.

We carry most common lasejret repair parts to provide fast onsite LaserJet printer service and Design-Jet plotter repair. Figure Remove the right lasernet 1 of 4 Open the front cover. Hp color laserjet 3000n it, continue to print. Page Rotate the transfer unit up and away from the front cover.

Use paper that hp color laserjet 3000n HP paper specifications. Dark color Table Causes for one color printing darker than others Cause Solution Poor contacts with the primary-charging bias, developing On the cartridge that is producing the darker color, check bias, or drum grounding the primary-charging bias and co,or contacts to the high-voltage PCB, or the drum-grounding contacts. Turn off the printer. Hint When you reinstall the lower screw, you might need to rotate the cam so it does not block access to the screw-hole.

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For a list of printer drivers and updated HP printer software, go to the following Hp color laserjet 3000n sites: Image-formation Process Image-formation process Laser printing requires the interaction of several different technologies including electronics, optics, and electrographics to provide a printed page. Checking the supply level You can check the toner-supply level by using the control panel, the embedded Web 300n0, or HP Web Jetadmin.

Occasionally, notes are included to provide directions for difficult or critical replacement procedures. If you are repairing a simplex model printer, ignore this procedure. Fuser Drive Assembly Fuser drive assembly Remove the following components: Remove four screws callout Page Remove four alserjet callout