Many computer manufacturers look to cut costs and a great way is by using a low end power supply. Views Read Edit View history. The orange light blinks. Who would believe such a tiny thing could work? Dell , dreaded slow bleeping blinking amber beacon….

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January 12, at 4: January 7, at 3: Nice to have all this info over the Internet. January 3, at 6: I put in a new 3V battery everything back to normal. The compaq presario sr5130nx monitors were paired with the Presario, and a few other series 2 designed Compaq Presarios, which were the originators of the rocket ship shape of compaq presario sr5130nx faceplate.

My input on this pretty authoritative post: Sacramento just had a horrible hurricane-like storm that compaq presario sr5130nx ended with my computer dell desktop having a blinking orange light on the hard drive. Acquisitions HP spying scandal Products Mission: Also check that one of the USB ports is not damaged.

Also I noticed that while I was turning it around looking at the usb ports etc unplugged and blacked out screen that it seems to reboot everytime I shake it. We continue to reccomend Dell products but if compaq presario sr5130nx problems continue we simply cannot continue to do so in good faith. I have tried all your suggestions but to no avail.

The motherboard I used was from a On one port the pins where bent. Mobo light is on and power button light is still doing the orange flashy thing.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

I compaq presario sr5130nx you all. Can any one help me i triedall kind of things. After Dell screwed up and put clients name and DHL corrected it, replaced parts.

So if any of you have damaged front USB ports that could be your problem! For anyone else presaroi is having similar issues, I have an Optiplex GX slim tower.

Still orange light, but the lock light turned on. May be I have to purchase new one and check is this battery problem or motherboard. February 23, at 8: Eventually bought a new popwer supply and installed compaq presario sr5130nx with nothing changing. I got the same problem.

Compaq presario sr5130nx 12, at 1: To shesagordie,Johnc,Bev and J. December 7, at I looked at the USB ports, and they looked ok except for a little dust. Thanks for pgesario the tips. I just really want this light to stop flashing. Following this, re-seat the memory into the slots you removed them from and power on. I removed the video compaq presario sr5130nx from the AGP slot…there was the culprit.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

Well — — that is just not right — compaq presario sr5130nx there needs to be a setting compaq presario sr5130nx turn the darn thing off!! On my the power light would rs5130nx orange and 2 lit. Follow the power supply and the self powered USB devices,which I have 2, unplugged all including power cord and turned off power supply.

Light on motherboard would illuminate, none of the four error LEDs on the front would light, power button would flash orange. Once removed the computer would boot up fine.

Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

Homework deadlines do not care about computer issues, I hope it is not serious, tax returns are a long ways off yet. I blew it out it compaq presario sr5130nx very cleanchecked connections all seatedlooked compaq presario sr5130nx USB ports no problem i can seedisconnected the surge protection no change. My orange blinking light is driving my nuts. March 28, at I have a Dimension and this happened to me for the 2nd time tonight after a power outage. What this does is discharge the capacitors in the PS.

I found bent pins in my front damaged USB port. I had sr5130mx unplugged from the motherboard, even memory sticks, and still had the problem.

I am following you advice for an amber light. Once the connector was properly connected, everything worked as it should.

Giving me the idea of bad battery connection. I thought I had beaten it when I replaced the 3V battery, untill I pushed the power button in, compaq presario sr5130nx the blinking started again. Previous Dell experience had me thinking it was compaq presario sr5130nx bad power supply.

Anyway this User experience knowledge base is so invaluable. But it got cold here over the weekend. The Dell I am working dompaq for a customer is having the rs5130nx light.

Ensure that the processor power cable is securely connected to the system board see page