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If you have clicking or popping noises when opening your mouth, check with your dentist before doing this stretch.

Hold stetches 10 seconds, relax and bend your fingers at the knuckles and hold for 10 seconds fig. UC Santa Cruz Menu. Hold computer and desk stretches pdf download seconds at easy stretch tension. Do this times. This stretcehs good to do when you find yourself slumping forward from your shoulders. Now apply some controlled, steady pressure toward the right with the elbow or computer and desk stretches pdf download. Hold this feeling for seconds. Interlace fingers, then straighten arms in front of you.

Repeat first outward stretch once more. Make use of the right arm to pull bent leg towards the opposite shoulder. It’s also helpful to learn to stretch spontaneously, throughout the day, stretching any particular area of the body that feels stfetches for a minute or two. Hold left elbow with right hand, then gently pull elbow behind head until an easy tension-stretch is felt in shoulder or back of upper arm triceps. Hold onto your lower leg just below the knee.

Hold only stretch tensions that feel good to you.

If the tension increases or becomes painful, you are overstretching. The key to stretching is to be relaxed while you concentrate on the area being qnd. Slowly move your hips forward until you feel a stretch in the calf of your straight leg.

Now computer and desk stretches pdf download pull elbow toward opposite shoulder as you look over your left shoulder. Separate and straighten your fingers until tension of a stretch is felt fig. Sit with left leg bent over right leg, then rest elbow for forearm of right arm on the outside of the upper thigh of the left leg. This is the developmental stretch which should be held for seconds.

Your breathing should be slow, deep, and rythmic. Hold your left arm just above the elbow with the right computer and desk stretches pdf download.

Hold easy stretch for computer and desk stretches pdf download seconds. If it doesn’t, just ease off slightly into a more comfortable stretch. Stretching should be done slowly without bouncing. Hold only stretches that feel relaxing. This will help greatly in reducing and controlling unwanted tension and pain. Start with head in a comfortable, aligned position. This stretch can be done at any time.

Gently pull bent leg toward your chest and isolate a stretch in the side of your upper leg.

Computer Stretches | Elbow | Arm

Dowwnload for seconds. Do fownload to each side. Don’t worry about how far you can stretch. Now pull your shoulder blades toward each computer and desk stretches pdf download to create a feeling of tension though upper back and shoulder blades. Bend over and place your foot on the floor in front while leaving the other leg straight.

Do not stretch to the point of pain. This feeling of stretch tension should also slightly diminish or stay the same. Feel a good, even stretch and do not overstretch.

Hold an easy stretch for 30 seconds. Interlace fingers then turn palms upwards above your head as you straighten your arms. A stretch for the side of hip, lower and middle of back. How to Stretch Stretching should be done slowly without bouncing. Hold right stretch tensions for seconds. Feel stretch in arms and through the upper part of the shoulder blades.

Computer and Desk Stretches

Slowly tilt head to left side to stretch muscles on side of neck. Hold stretch for seconds. Good to use at the first computer and desk stretches pdf download of tightness or tension in the shoulder and neck area.

From a stable, aligned sitting position turn your chin toward your left pf to create a stretch on the right side of your neck. Hold this stretch for seconds. Computer and Desk Stretches Prolonged sitting at a desk or computer terminal can cause muscular tension and pain.

Computer & Desk Stretches

But, by strrtches a five or ten minute break to do a series of stretches, your whole body can feel better. Ease off a bit to a comfortable stretch.

The developmental stretch reduces tension and will safely increase flexibility. An excellent stretch for shoulders and arms.