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MomJunction presents a list of such names which range from gemstones to nature, and more. If you are a religious person, finding your son a name from the Bible is a logical choice. Victoria is one of them. If you want to give your daughter a name that is both Christian and trendy, you can consider Joanna.

Popular Christian Girl Names. But it is from the Bible! Bible mention — Matt 4: Skip to toolbar Log in. Christian baby names and meanings pdf download can either use Lillian or its shorter downooad, Lily.

Foreign Baby Girl Names ]. Parenthood is a challenging and beautiful journey. Latest posts by Chhandita Chakravarty see all.

Christian Baby Girl Names

There are other biblical references as well from where these names are taken. This Christian girl names is poetic name and a favorite among parents who like modern chfistian classic names. Traditions and customs define people, their thoughts, and opinions, their lifestyle, etc. If you like to give traditional names a modern twist, you can name your daughter Victory too. Show names starting with the selected alphabet s only optional:. It is perfect for your daughter as she christian baby names and meanings pdf download the darling of her father.

It is a great option for those looking for a unique Christian name.

This christian girl baby names are common but popular. If you are looking for a name that has a universal appeal, nothing can beat the popularity of Peter.

Christian: Baby Name, Meaning &Origin | Parents

We also mention the source of the name to make your decision easier. Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. Showing 1 to of Christian names. Beautiful Baby Girl Names ].

Are you looking for a Biblical name for your newborn? Show meaning of the name: This Christian name for girl is beautiful. As pretty as a name can get, Elisha is a great choice for parents looking for a simple yet classy christian baby names and meanings pdf download. The meaning of the name Uriah is the very basis of any religion — faith.

The Christian baby girl names grow elegant as we move. This classic Biblical boy name will never go out of fashion. Popular Girl Names ]. It may sound exotic but is a traditional Christian boy christian baby names and meanings pdf download.

The one thing that may have changed is their spellings, as people have begun to adopt new spelling for the same name to make it sound modern. Share it with us, right here! Boy Names From Indian Movies. The following two tabs abby content below. If you are looking for an uncommon Biblical baby boy names, try Esau.

Baby Boy Names With Meanings ]. It is a name that is rapidly climbing the popularity charts around the world. More popular as a character from the book Cain and Abel, odf Christian name is something you can consider. If you are not averse to common names, you can give Julia a chance.

Christian Baby Names • Biblical Names with Meanings

One such lifestyle is to choose a name and Christian or Biblical names are a mirror of passing down faith in the younger generations to come. Nothing can beat the beauty in simplicity.

Share This On Facebook. If your family is the downlaod, try Phineas to name your baby.

Christian Baby Names | Christian Boy Names, Christian Girl Baby Names | Christian Name Meanings

Does this name sound too exotic? Nothing is more interesting than a little mystery. Here is something for baby name inspiration.