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Does that topic belong to CCNP?

If you go for the self-study path, see if you can watch some videos and then move on to reading books. In short, if you are new to something…classroom training will be great. Once you feel you mastered a topic, move on to the next chapter. Look at some show commands, try some debugs. These switches have a different QoS mechanism which is useful if you plan to study QoS someday.

If you want to pass this exam there are two things you will have ccnp route study notes pdf download do:. Classroom training, reading books or watching videos? Be honest with yourself, even if you passed the CCNA exam…if you had some difficulties with certain topics, visit those again and make sure you have no knowledge gaps.

I receive many questions from students asking what the best method is to study these exams and how to prepare themselves. I do understand ccnp route study notes pdf download I can do the big part of the labs with GNS3. It is working fine ; as far I do not need to do a lab using a Software on Windows. This includes reading books, perhaps watching videos, doing labs, reviewing notes, etc.

This is a difficult question to answer as it is different for everyone. ;df illustrate this, take a good look at the Cisco certification dodnload. Cisco released the TSHOOT exam topology to the public, take a good look at it to ccnp route study notes pdf download all the different components. How much time should I spend watching videos or reading books xtudy doing labs?

How to Prepare for Cisco CCNP R&S

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. The s are the cheapest layer 2 switches and the is the cheapest layer 3 switch you can get. Ask a question ccnp route study notes pdf download join the discussion by visiting our Community Forum. Doing labs is also a lot more fun than just reading books or watching ccnp route study notes pdf download you want labs to practice instead of building your own, I built most of the CCNP level labs and you can find them for free on GNS3Vault.

You can become good at troubleshooting by doing labs, labs and even more labs! Next Lesson IPv4 Explained. Hi Tarik, Have you seen this article?

Also, keep in mind that it really depends on the job what you will encounter. If you have some more money to spend, take a look at the replacement for and replacement for These 3 switches will let you practice vlans, trunking, spanning-tree and routing.

CCNP quick 01 – – The Cisco Learning Network

TSHOOT is different as the exam will present you with a large network topology that has a number of issues. Look at all the different protocols that are running, how they work together and the exam will be a LOT easier.

I did my best to rebuild it in GNS3 and you can download it right here. Feel free to ask anything in our forum. Hey Rene, this is a very enlighting lesson.

If you are fuzzy about spanning-tree and its port states like the designated, non-designated, root port, port priority ccnp route study notes pdf download such…please take a look at the CCNA material again before you start with SWITCH!

As you are reading ccnp route study notes pdf download learning about a topic or feature, try to configure it yourself on your GNS3 routers or switches and make sure you understand what you are doing. If you are on a budget, get 2x and 1x The only way to become good at troubleshooting is understanding all the protocols and how they work together. Actually ; with my Win7 Client, I can not make it work.

Try to focus on 1 item at the odwnload instead of reading about everything at the same time, focusing is your friend when it comes to studying.

Personally I like books best because I can speed up or slow down reading exactly when I want to.

So where do you start? What is the best studying material to use? If you are completely new to a topic then classroom training is probably the downloae method since you will have someone in front of you that explains everything. Most networking books can be very difficult to get through if something is new to you however. Forum Replies Hey Rene, this is a very enlighting lesson.