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April 18, at 7: Consider and use others as needed. Is this URL really needed?

Exchange Server Architecture Poster PDF Download Available – You Had Me At EHLO…

You talk about “client automatic sign-in”. So I think I’m out of options, any ideas? The Reverse Proxy server is an optional, external component that is not a Lync Server role and is not defined in the Lync Topology.

exchange server 2013 architecture poster pdf download All TLS requests to the internal Edge server should use the pool name, not the server name.

I did notice that an on postee Lync user can connect from an external Internet connection and make a call but there is not audio to and from the caller. September 11, at PDF Visio More languages. I think my error is for Certificate. Why would an IISreset fix this? December 10, at 5: The guidance is related to which server the FQDN applies to. Every role is comprised of multiple-computer pools to provide fault-tolerance to every available feature.

Abbreviations List by 01

So I’m wondering if it’s normal that internal traffic between sites goes via Edge servers or do I made something wrong?

At least that appears to be the case. The Exchange section is very busy. This unified user experience makes it less straightforward to decide where to place each workload and raises questions such as:. June 4, at 8: All clients in the same SIP domain will register to the architectire Edge.

Exchange Server 2013 Architecture Poster PDF Download Available

I don’t have seen this alternative on MS documentations… but I find it very usefull. ActiveSync Troubleshooting Scripts http: When dealing with multiple Edge servers in the same pool there are some specific requirements which must be followed otherwise some or all functionality of the Edge servers can be negatively impacted. SharePoint Server Databases.

I just got lucky or unlucky that my firewall routed the traffic architechure the internal lync client.

How many certificates, which certificate authorities can or should be architectrue, which hostnames go where; the list goes on. The traffic on these groups is quite low.

I mean, not only peer to peer. Is this true even for media from pvf devices as well? PRIVi can’t work, — If you enter login domain.

Lync Edge Server Best Practices

Two regions south and north 5. Exchange Platform Options.

May 11, at 2: You are member of the “domain. However, one of my colleagues put an entry in his host file pointing lyncdiscover to the external IP address of our Edge Server.

I have been trying to find an answer to my question but have been unsuccessful and I am hoping you can explain it to me please. But technet says otherwise.